Custom Report Card Available?

Hello Gibbon community,

Anyone put together a custom report card template that is willing to share? If i need to start from sratch, which areas should i start looking? or php files?

Hi dataengr,

Report cards vary from school to school in such a wide degree that it is quite difficult to create a universal report card to meet all needs. This is one reason the reports system includes a drag-and-drop builder with customizable templates. There are several example templates included by default. The best place to start would be to see how those work, and use the built-in editor in the Manage Assets section of the Template Builder to make some modifications to those templates.

Creating and editing templates does require some knowledge of HTML and the Twig template syntax. One place to start would be to see if you or anyone in your organization has these skills and is able to learn about the Report templates. Be sure to check out the docs:

Another option is Expert Support via For this option, feel free to get in touch with to setup a chat with Ross.

Hope this helps!

Hello @ross ,
Please i have some knowledge in HTML & Twig, i can do the coding involved. So my question is, where do i check to be able to edit or customize my own template (thus duplicating an existing template and working on it).

Thanks for your great work.

Hello @dataengr , you should check out:
Assess>>Reports>>. Template Builder[under publish section]>>Manage Assets:

Scan Assets directory [if not scanned before]

a list of components will show up with an action to duplicate and in the process you rename your file.
A duplicated component has an action for edit[pen icon] that directs you to Gibbon’s internal twig editor with a preview tool to help you see the outcome of your prototyped component.

I hope this helps

Yeah thanks. This was what i was looking for