Custom query: Students Privacy Visual Overview

So I have turned on Privacy options, and it’s great. There is a custom query coming from that gives a visual overview/
It doesn’t work very well. It’s clever in trying to output HTML so you see the pictures, but:
1- There is an extra dot in the HTML code in the SQL statement that makes the pictures have the wrong URL.
2- When you remove that extra dot, some photos load, but sometimes it seems the output of CONCAT() becomes too long and an automatic shortening of the text kicks in, so the HTML code is incomplete and breaks.

Has anyone seen this?

Urko, thanks, this is new, done in a hurry and not widely enough tested (worked at one school, but not at other seemingly). That . should have been a ./, which has now been fixed: sync your queries, and you should see an improvement.

The other issue, with the shortening, was supposed to have been solved in v1.2.14, but due to an edge case in the field naming in gibbonPerson, it was not. The just-released v1.2.15 takes care of this, so download from and update and you should find it all works.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention : )