Custom Form not generating all required actions when used instead of Default Application Form

How are you?

I created a Custom Form and the only features shown as inactive were the ones below.

I did the application process using the custom application form:
• Filled in the application form and sent it

First observation: The application ended listed in People/Admissions/Manage Applications, while when using the default form it ends in People/Students/Manage Applications.

Second observation
Once you edit the application, the interfaces for both forms are very different, and although the data is similar you can’t tell if the processes behind match.

• As I was using my custom form I went to People/Admissions/Manage Applications edited the application and made sure Year
Group, Form Group and starting date, were also selected. (with appropriate values)
• Saved all the changes.

And when I went to Accept the application I got only this (instead of the whole automated admission process, with the creation of accounts, family, and enrollment)

Using the custom form

Using the default form

Well, I really wish I’m doing something very wrong, and you are able to spot it and kindly put me in the right direction.
I thought this could be related to the fields I included or excluded from my custom form, and I thought about trying to emulate the default form, but finally I didn’t do it, as it will defeat the purpose of the custom form.
Also, I based my decision on the fact that apparently from the first image above, all the required features were enabled.

I would really like to have your insights on this, because from this experience, it seems to me that at this moment the default form is the only usable option.

Thank you very much!
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P.S. Also noted that when applying with the custom form the numbers assigned to the application are 1 digit long. Example: “If you need to contact the school in reference to this application, please quote the following number: 3”., while when using the default form the numbers are as follows: “If you need to contact the school in reference to this application, please quote the following number: 0000003.”

Hi Ricardo,

It looks like you’re mixing together the two application systems which could certainly result in some confusion. We just introduced the Admissions module with the Form Builder in v24, so these two work together and have been added as beta features for the current version of Gibbon. The original application system found in Students > Manage Applications and User Admin > Student Application Settings are much more rigid, with less customization options. The two systems are separate and do not exchange data. The original system was left turned on for schools who still use it, but will be off by default for new installations in the next version of Gibbon.

You’ve shared a screenshot of the inactive features. Can you share a screenshot of the active ones, to see which features have been enabled? Features will be active based on the required fields, but they can still be toggled on or off, so it may help to check which features you have enabled.

The leading zeroes sounds like a bug, so we can certainly look to fix this in v25.

Hi Sandra
Great, I think that now I understand a bit better how these forms work in relation to each other.

Where do I find the active features list so I can share the screenshots with you?

Thank you!

Active features should be listed directly above the inactive features list. For example:

Hi Sandra,
Sure they were there! (my bad, I was going directly to the bottom to see what was inactive and didn’t pay attention to what was active :blush: )
I checked the available options against the ones you had configured in your screenshot, and I was missing some selections, and I think that was the reason for the application not generating the complete action list once approved.
Now I believe it is working fine, I did an application using the new form and I was able to complete the application process and enroll the person as a student.

Hi Ricardo, great to hear you were able to enable the features in the application form and get it working. Perhaps, for the next version, I can add a red highlight to any features that are available but not enabled, to highlight that they are not active by default. Thanks!