custom form checkbox

Is there any way that we could have a custom form checkbox in the next version? What I am en envisioning is something like a box that says “Use a custom form” then a path field where I can define what form I am going to use. Then I could just modify the regular application form and save it to /modules/Students/applicationForm2.php and then define that in the path field. This would be a simple little hack that would allow us to keep operating for now and take updates until you guys add some more advanced functionality into the form section. I have no use for many of the fields and some of the fields are redundant for us. I still don’t quite understand why there is a Preferred Name and Official Name, Why isn’t the First Name and the Last Name the Official Name and then Preferred name is like a nick name? Anyway, if we could do what I described above for now then it would be a simple little hack until we have more flexibility? What do you think? Would this be possible?

Thank so much.

jemmyn, rather than hacking the core in this way I think the best bet is for you to create your own additional module, which you can then use for application forms. You could take the v15 version of the module (which is object oriented and so much easier to work with) and then hack away at it. This would mean less dependence on the core, and you could share your work with the community.

If you are interested, then this documentation page might help you get started, and we can help answer any questions that come up.

Sounds good, we will do that. Thank you.