Course selection without approval not working properly (or not used properly?)

I have set the “Require Course Approval” in “Course Selection Settings” to “No”, in the hope that when the student select a course, it will be “auto”-approved. However, I still need to manually approve the request as Admin.

Please advise if I have missed any other settings about this.

Thank you.


Hi Yirong,

Even if requests do not require approval, they are still requests and do not automatically add a student to the class. If you’re using the timetable engine, this is where it will suggest classes for each of the requests. If not, you can use the “Copy Selections by Course” tool to turn any requests into enrolments for those classes. This setup is intentional: it’s a bit too much power for students to be able to add and remove themselves from live course enrolments at will.

Thank you, Sandra. It does make sense to have the “check” in the process.

I will looking into more how to use timetable engine – which is likely the way I will need to go.