../config.php already exists

Good evening.
I am installing Gibbon on a shared host at bluehost.com
I have full control over php.ini and .htaccess.

All the steps to install Gibbon goes well but when I click the link that says proceed to login (or go to Gibbon URL), I get this error:

…/config.php already exists, which suggests this system is already installed. The installer cannot proceed.

What seems to be the issue?

gibbon.sjssec.com is the installation URL (sjssec.com/gibbon)

This is odd, as if I go to the URL provided now, I see that it is working fine, as per the screenshot attached ()

Are you seeing the same thing at that URL now?

When I use the browser (chrome) that was used to install Gibbon, I get the error. But now that I used firefox, I am able to get login screen.

Perhaps try and clear your Chrome cache and see if that helps?