Confidential student information

From a teachers point of view, we believe student confidential information is very important, I mean, teachers should have access to their students markbooks info only , not to classes that dont belong to teachers.
In this example, using a teacher role, this teacher can view (not modify) another class, so lack of confidentiality !!!:

So what should I do to restrict teachers markbook acces to the “My Sections” (classess) only?

Same for Internal assessment, a teacher can see the entire list of students of the whole school, and to be honest, teachers are not interested to have access to student not belonging to their courses, also it looks unconfortable to be looking for a student in this looooooooongg list:

So, what should I do to restrict this list of students to the ones belonging to their courses?

Adolfo, we too believe in the importance of confidential data…but surely it is in the interest of all stakeholders if teachers can see grades from other subjects? This allows us, as teachers, to build up a complete picture of how students are performing across the board, and so determine if any struggles in our own subject are isolated or occurring in other subjects too. It allows us to spot patterns, and engage our students more effectively. This is exactly the kind of empowering information we want teachers to be see an act on, no?

For this reason Gibbon has no permission level lower than what you are seeing. As you note, you cannot edit other teacher’s markbook entries, but you can view them.

If there was a real demand for this, we could look at adding it (although I can’t make any promises on timing right now), but I really don’t see how it would benefit a school. That said, there is a lot I don’t know about this world!


I really understand your point Ross, the problem is our Latin American culture, that’s why hong kong is a developed country, our minds are the opposite.
I am trying to advance to the arguments that may arise in the meetings, in which these kind of suggestions are going to arise, do you now understand the Latin American thought ?.
The benefit could from the teacher´s role, seek information from students who belong to their form only, and not have to look for a long list of the whole school.
So, for the next gibbon versions, one suggestion could be to create a new role, something like “Head of Department”, and based this, the gibbon administrator is going to permit acces to see the entire list student info for head of departments only, and not to all teachers.

Adolfo, I see your point here. The wonderful @skuipers has offered to try and build in the extra permission in the coming days, so we should have it in v14 for you. It will be off by default, and so you will have to add and configure your own role for HOD, etc…but the feature ought to be there for you, all going to plan.


Wonderful answer, Thanks Ross and Sandra :slight_smile:

Added for v14:

Probably best to wait for the update on this one, there’s been some changes to other areas of the same files. Luckily the wait won’t be very long now :smiley:

@skuipers thanks for this…it is merged and working well.