Clearing timetable

Is there an easy way to clear the existing timetable and upload a new one from spreadsheet?

I don’t see why not. The following is taken from the instructions in “Import Timetable Data”:

“This page allows you to import timetable data from a CSV file. The import includes all classes and their teachers. There is no support for importing students: these need to be entered manually into the relevant classes. The system will do its best to keep existing data intact, whilst updating what is necessary (note: you will lose student exceptions from timetabled classes). Select the CSV files you wish to use for the synchronise operation.”


Actually thinking about it, I could make a new timetable under different name make the old one inactive and upload with new timetable name. It honestly depends on how many changes are made and which is easier new timetable or modifying old one manually

Hi Brian, if there are a ton of changes then creating a new timetable couldn’t hurt. You could rename the old one before adding the new one, so that you can use the same short names for the new timetable.

As Roman mentioned, there is also an Import Timetable Data option in the Timetable Admin module (this is one of the old style importers before the Data Admin module was introduced, so it works fairly differently). This importer will delete a timetable before uploading a new one. I suspect even a single line CSV file in the right format would be enough to use is as a workaround for deleting the timetable data.