Clearance of students before graduating, or withdrawing from school

Good day. Is there a way(s) to implement a clearance process, where a pre-selected group of staff needs to sign off before a student is cleared for graduation, withdrawal, etc.

For example, “Staff A” clears students of toga rental and bookbinding fees; “Staff B” for return of Student ID, and bills for dorm, electricity, meals, & laundry; and “Staff C” for practicum

Hi Richard, there isn’t already a system like this, it sounds pretty specialized for specific school needs. However, the built-in Student Note feature could work well for this.

You can create note categories in User Admin > Students Settings, and then notes can be added by staff through the Notes tab on the student profile. By default, students teachers will receive a notification when a note is created.

In System Admin > Notification Settings you can also add additional users who receive notifications for the New Student Note event, such as admin who might receive all notifications.

Thank you sandra for prompt reply :slight_smile: