Classes and Subjects Structure

Dear Team,
I have installed Gibbon, Now i am trying to implement below mentioned scenario
We are teaching Cambridge system, have different level of classes
Cambridge 1
Cambridge 2
AS Level
A2 Level
then we have divided these classes into sub classes like
Foundation A
Foundation B
Foundation C
each section learning 6 to 8 subjects and 6 to 8 teacher per class.
how can i create this structure that each teach can take attendance for his section for his subject.

Please help

Hi Asif,

I’m not familiar with the Cambridge system to give you specific advice (perhaps @admin knows more), but it may help to install the system with demo data to see how year groups & form groups work in Gibbon, and how they relate to student enrolment, as well as how they’re different from courses and classes. Eg: an enroled student only has one Year Group/Form Group, and can have many Courses & Classes.

If the student is only ever in one level at a time, and progresses from one to another each year, then you could possibly setup Foundation, Pre-Cambridge, etc. as Year Groups, and then the Foundation A, B, C levels as Form Groups. From there, you would setup the subjects as Courses & Classes, with teachers taking class attendance for each.

Hope this helps!

Hi Asif & Sandra, sadly I am no more knowledgeable about the Cambridge system : ( Ross.