Class names

I am trying to determine a system of naming courses. What abbreviations or systems have you developed for setting class names?


Courses are school-year specific, but not not need to be year-group (e.g. age) specific (but my school’s are). So for example, this year at my school we have Year 10 Science (course name) which we refer to as SC10 (course short name). In this course we have three classes named 1, 2, and 3. Students in SC10.1 will proceed to SC11.1 next year.

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hi Ross

i have a situation like this
let’s say we have Grade 12. in Grade 12 there is multiple faculty, for example

Grade 12 science faculty consist of 6 subject e.g physics, mathematics, biology etc

Grade 12 Humanity Faculty consist of 6 subject e.g A,B,C etc

Grade 12 Business studies consist of 6 subject e.g X,Y,Z etc

so now how can i Group those Subject to specific Faculty (e.g science ) and assign that Faculty to student when student comes to admission .
it should be parent child relationship fashion, for example Science is parent, physics , mathematics, biology is child, that means Science Faculty offers those courses.

probably it is easy to do this however i lost my way.


Sorry, I have been away from Internet access for a few days. Usually I try to respond within 24 hours, but you got me at the one time a year when I am out of touch! It seems like George helped you with this in another thread (please try and avoid repeat posting in future, we will get to you ; ). If you need more help, please reply here.