Class enrollment, My classes

In Gibbon what happens with student enrollment in a teacher’s class when a term has ended and a new batch of students are coming into the class?

How do you hide classes you taught in the past from the My Classes list.


Hi Tieku,

There isn’t a way to hide classes from the sidebar. Given the complexity of the timetable, which doesn’t restrict classes by term, there’s no simple or accurate way to say “this class is not currently relevant”. Teachers and students have access to any of the classes they’re currently enroled in.

Which means the My Classes will keep growing very long for a teacher who’s been teaching for a while.
Teachers and students aren’t supposed to un-enroll after the term is done are they?
Many thanks

Hi Tieku,

They’ll disappear after the school year is over. Taking the teachers or students out could be problematic for reports or any other things that rely on knowing what classes students have taken in the future (transcripts, tracking, etc). I can’t think of any other quick solutions at the moment… the My Classes code starts at line 428 of Sidebar.php if you had the inclination to tinker with it.

What is best practice for teaching a different batch of students for the same subject/course each term? Use a different class? Thanks