Change Style of Home Page's Timetable

Dear Developer Team,

I want to change in homepage’s timetable, please tell me filename so i can change it.

Thanks in Advance @admin

Hi Vishalr,

The timetable is rendered by a function called renderTT in /modules/Timetable/moduleFunctions.php.

If you can let us know what you’d like to change, then we might be able to offer more specific advice.



Thanks @admin

  1. i want to change left site timing interval 45 minutes.
  2. increase heights of columns

please guide me for above two changes.

Hello! For number 2, in the moduleFunctions.php file mentioned above, look for the variable $height, which is used in quite a number (69 in total) places in the file. You’ll have to add a multiplying factor (e.g. *1.25) to this in various spots, in order to expand the vertical height of the timetable. Have a play around, and let us know how you get on.

For number 1, do you mean the time before the system logs you out? If so, this can be set in Admin > System Admin > System Settings in the Session Duration field. If this is not what you mean, let us know!



Hi Ross,
Which moduleFunctions.php you need to edit to get the timetable height adjusted

Hi juank, look in the modules/Timetable folder for the moduleFunctions.php file.

@admin I believe for number 2 he means the class times in the left column. 08:30 09:30 etc…