Centering the Logo and Editing the Theme

Hi. I am the registrar of a Training Institution in my country and I am responsible for the maintenance and editing of the SRMS and Moodle platforms, and accepting/rejecting student and staff applications. I must take this opportunity to thank the creator of Gibbon (Ross) for allowing me to integrate Moodle with Gibbon, with intentions of grabbing and duplicating data.

But I have a few questions to be answered. They are:

  1. How do I edit the logo to the center?
  2. How do I remove the search bar on the top right?
  3. How do I configure the questions in student applications, i.e. remove and add certain questions from the default format?

I need urgent and detailed responses to these questions because I am in need of info by Monday. Thank you again, this integration has made our work easier than expected!


Hi Kevin, welcome to the Gibbon community!

Centering the logo and removing the search bar would require editing the codebase. Doing so would remove the Fast Finder, which most users find to be a very useful part of Gibbon, but it is certainly possible.

Making these changes to the theme is a bit involved. We’re in the process of refactoring Gibbon so the theming system is transitional at the moment, moving from an old theme system to a new system. There is not much in the way of documentation until these changes have been complete. The best place to start, if you have familiarity with HTML, would be to look in the resources/templates folder for the index.twig.html file (in the block header section).

These templates can be customized by placing an edited copy of them in a theme/Default/templates folder, which overrides the file in the core (replacing Default with the name of your theme if you have created a new one). From there, it’s a matter of editing the HTML and template code to the desired result. The new themes make used of Tailwind classes for styling and Twig syntax for template.

For information about the application form, if you do some searches in this forum you’ll find some posts with more information. There aren’t options to completely customize the form, but some fields can be turned off, and some added through custom fields.

As a note, the forums are run by the community through a volunteer effort, so urgent requests for information may be difficult to help with depending on people’s time and availability. The Gibbon team does offer Expert Support as a paid service through, for situations where people need support beyond what the forums can offer.

Hi Sandra ( @ross ),

Thank you for your response. I understand now, and I highly appreciate your support. I have noticed you’re dedicating enough time to support others on the forum.

I have another question, is there a way to have students automatically assigned to specific course(s) after they are approved by a staff member? If yes, kindly tell me how. I have checked all over, and I can’t seem to find a solution to this.

Thanks again,

And another issue: I noticed that the notifications stopped working. I tested the SRMS after a few hours, and notifications aren’t showing up for some reason. Please help me to fix this issue. Am I missing a module, plugin or extension?

Please don’t pack different issues into one discussion.

First question: Check out the following:
Admin> Timetable Admin> Sync Course Enrolment

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin, to expand upon what Roman is requesting, it helps our community to create a searchable knowledge base by posting new questions under a new topic. To begin, feel free to search the forums to see if you can find the answers to any of your questions, otherwise please post each one in a new thread and we’ll aim to answer them there. Thanks!