Capita SIMS .Net like Theme


I’ve recently started using Gibbon for my UK Academy and it is excellent.
However, I’d like to request that there is a theme based on how Capita SIMS is laid out. Basically SIMS .Net but a web version. It’d be especially nice to have a tick sheet Register like this:

Just a general theme that anybody can develop that looks like SIMS .Net but is Gibbon underneath.


Hello and welcome to Gibbon. Thanks for your positive input. The tick sheet approach you show is interesting, but is pretty different to how Gibbon does things…this would involve more than themeing work to achieve.

In terms of themeing, it will be interesting to see if anyone steps forward to offer a hand with this. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, it is not something the Gibbon team can help with directly…there is just too much going on right now. Sorry!

Good luck, and let us know if you have any further questions.

A tick sheet attendance register is what i was asking for too FantasticEnthusiast, i think it would be too difficult to create one ,based on what others have said.


We’re just looking at using Gibbon for our UK independent school, and one of our main “wants” is this “” style of attendance register input! We’d be interested in the possibility of pitching in towards commissioning something, if this is not a feature that is due to be added.

FantasticEnthusiast and gpsal - are you guys UK based too? How are you getting on with Gibbon? I’d be really interested to hear from you if you’d be interested in working together to create a tick sheet style register input!

Hi Dorian,

Apologies, I still owe you a reply on an email from long ago. I’ve not forgotten, I’ve just been waylaid!

This style of input is not currently on our radar, in short for lack of enough resources. However, we’d certain welcome it as a contribution to the project if you were to commission it from an outside programmer.