Cant Understand Properly How the Roll Group Works

Im Testing Gibbon on a test server. So far everything seems fine but when i tried to assign Class enrolled by roll group My 3 students are only under one roll group and the next two doesnt show anything.
A little explanation coz mybe im not properly understanding how roll group works:

For Class1 i’ve created 3 students, 3 teachers and 3 subjects: Bangla, English and Math. I choose 3 role groups based on subject. BN1, EN1 and MT1. I’ve enrolled the students on classes. But when i tried to Class Enrolment by Roll Group. Selecting BN1 only shows 3 students with 3 classes. SO one way the purpose is served(Because i only have 3 classes for class 1-Bangla, English and Math). Now with EN1 and MT1 it shows no result found is it natural or my mistake of understanding or input?.
So my question is Should i use the roll group as year like instead of BN1 Should i use Class1 roll? And Delete the EN1 and MT1?  But A role group Only Takes 3 Teachers and 1 location. If Class 1 has more than 5 courses and 5 teachers, then how to assign each teacher for taking attendance and also in different location? So should the roll group would be Year(Semester) wise or subject wise?
Please, I need some advice


Tarul Ahsan

Sorry for my Bad English 


No apology needed: your English is better than my Bengali (???) : )

Roll groups (also known as form groups in UK English) are not used for teaching/subjects/lessons: they are used to take attendance each day, and for pastoral care/guidance. So, we have roll groups such as 07.1, 07.2, 07.3, 08.1, etc. These students meet each morning with their tutor, before going for lessons.

For teaching/learning purposes, we then have courses (such as Year 7 Science or SC07 for short), which then have classes containing students and teachers (e.g. SC07.1, SC07.2, etc). These are used in the Planner, Markbook and other parts of the system.

Have you read our Getting Started Guide?

Hopefully this clarifies the situation, but if not, let me know.


Thanks Ross

The concept is clear now. So roll group like class1, class2, … A level will solve the problem.