Cannot login as Admin no matter what I do

Hi, I am trying to setup Gibbon for a charity in Birmingham (UK). The admin login stopped working a few days ago - since then no matter what I do I cannot login - including reset password (no link is sent back - possibly because I am on a free cloud host) - I have manually changed the password by going through phpmyadmin and also used the update gibbonperson sql statement listed on your forums. Please help.

Hi, I think its been sorted. Fiddled around for a few hours and it seems to have resolved it. Would like to say this is a great product - hopefully, we will be able to use it.

Hello, thanks for stopping by to seek help. I’m glad you got this issue sorted, even if the current cause and solution are unknown. To me this sounds like it might be a database issue of some kind.

In terms of the email password not being sent/received, it might be worth checking if other emails are being sent (e.g. notifications, Messenger, etc). Gibbon will not, on most web servers, be able to send emails out of the box. Often the web server will need to have an MTA manually installed, or Gibbon will need to be pointed at an external SMTP server (Admin > System Admin > Third Party Settings).

Keep enjoying Gibbon, and I hope it is smoother sailing from here on in!