Can we make 2 different timetable for the same year group but different roll group?

Hi, I want to create 2 timetables for the same year group but different roll group to study 2 different subject at the same period. Is there a way to make it please help. thanks

Hello Helio,
I’m also new to gibbon, but to get the concept how gibbon creates the timetable took / is taking some time.
My understanding is:

As long as the start - and endtimes of the lessons are the same you just need just one timetable.

You can organize students in year groups i.e. Grade 1, Grade 2.
You divide those year groups into form groups. This covers the case when you have multiple form groups (or maybe you call them classes) in one year. This is the organizational unit the students spend most of their time in. These form groups can later be used to take attendance and to associate students with classes (this time classes in the sense gibbon uses it to create multiple courses). So if you have multiple form groups in Grade 1 they could be 1a, 1b, 1c.

In parallel to this structure you create courses, which are your subjects.
Since a Course is linked to year groups you can create for each subject one course per year. Students can only be added to courses that are associated with the year group they are in. So you could create:


and so on.

If you have multiple form groups per year you probably want multiple classes per course. Otherwise one suffices.
So you would create the classes for the course Mathematics_1:

1a (for the form group 1a)

and so on.

Via admin > timetable admin > Sync course enrolment you are then able to add all the students from a form group to classes matching the pattern.

To create the timetable you create columns under admin > timetable admin > Manage Columns where a column represents how a day is divided into timeslots for your lessons.
If all of your classes operate in the same timeslots you only need one timetable. If the start- and endtime of your lessons vary across your form groups or year groups you probably should think of multiple timetables (which comes with other problems. => which was why I personally decided against it.).

If you find that one pattern of start- and endtimes is sufficient you create the columns for the days with a different timestructure and create a timetable for the year groups it should apply to under admin > timetable admin > manage timetables.
After that you edit the newly created timetable (admin > timetable admin > manage timetables > your timetablename - edit icon) and add days to the timetable with the corresponding column.
Now you are able to edit the newly created timetable day and add classes to the timeslots. You add multiple classes in one timeslot. So in your case the different classes for the form groups in one year group. If your other year groups use the same timestructure and timetable you also add those classes to the slot.
Since the students and teachers are associated with the classes in this way the timetable for the both groups gets populated when you associate the timetable days with the dates under admin > timetable admin > tie days to dates.

After you added teachers and students to the courses, and after you added the classes to the slots in the timetable a user is able to see only his / her own timetable. To see the courses you have to be logged in as a user associated with the course. And if you are logged in you only see one (your own) timetable.

If I totally misunderstood your question and your students are in one class most of the time and are separated just for this subject have a look at But the information concerning the timetable should still apply.

Since editing the timetable days and timeslots (and everything else) in the UI would be a lot of clicking I recommend using the import system under admin > system admin > import from file !!

I hope this is useful to you!

best regards,


Hi Paul,
What I want is to make a form group(1a) to have 1 timetable and another form group(1b) to have different timetable and study completely different courses. Can I do that? thanks!

This is how timetabling in Gibbon works. Each form group has its own timetable. So the answer is yes. :wink:

Hi Paul & Roman, thanks for two equally interesting responses, of very varying lengths!

Hi Helio, what you seem to be asking for is a very normal approach: the same timings for the entire year groups, but different form groups studying different classes at any given time. If this is the case, then you can go with a single timetable for one or more year groups, using a single set of columns, with different classes assigned to different periods.

Keep in mind that Gibbon does not generate timetables, but timetables generated elsewhere (e.g. specialised software, spreadsheets, etc) can be imported into Gibbon.