Can I change the timetable mid-session?

Can I change the timetable mid-session?
One of of our teachers retired and two new teachers has joined. So we have to rearrange some periods to accommodate the new teachers and delete some periods of old teacher. Should I create a new routine for this session or just edit and rearrange the old routine?
Please reply as it is urgent…

Hi Chinmoy,

Good question. If it were my school I would opt to make the changes to the current timetable rather than adding a new one. In this case you would use the interface and add/edit options to modify the timetable, rather than importing a file.

Hope this helps!

Hi Sandra, thanks for the prompt reply. I was also thinking of editing the current time table. But I hesitated to do so, lest the new arrangement of the classes, conflict with the older statistics of already taken classes. As you assured to change the current timetable, I think there will be no problem in the historical record of previous classes if I delete some classes and added some new.

It should be safe to adjust the timetabling of the classes as long as you don’t delete the classes themselves. In other words, be sure to keep the classes that are in Manage Courses & Classes, but you can update their connection to the timetable in the Manage Timetables area, which controls how each class connects to the days & rows/columns of the timetable.