Can Gibbon use for Training Centre

Hi ,

I’m planning to use it for a client who run IT Training centre who conduct IT short class, like AWS Certified class, CISSP. Can Gibbon do it? and we also need to link to Government training Grant (Via API). becasue i see there is full year team. but those students just take a short class only. Can we configure it?

Hi, Roger! Gibbon is a powerful tool with a lot of functionality, and it can be used for non-standard educational purposes. You’re not alone in wanting to do this - many people on these forums have asked about using Gibbon for universities, training centers, etc.

You might want to load up a development installation on your computer and experiment with which modules you will need to make Gibbon work in the way you want. I hope this helps!

Hi Hmerrett,

Thanks, do you know where can i download for windows Laptop, and configuration/Setup of Gibbon?

Hi, Roger! You can download Gibbon from our website

This will let you install the latest stable version on your machine. In order to set up Gibbon, you will also need to install XAMPP on your computer. A guide to that can be found in our documentation

I hope this helps!