CAMBIOS DE 2019 A 2019

por favor deseo trasladar la impormacion del año 2019 al 2020 y hacer los ajustes en el 2020. Trate de hacer el cambio pero solo aparecerio en 2020 la lista de los usuarios y todo lo demas habria que configurarlo de nuevo.

Por favor me confirman que facilidades ofrece el sistema al trasladar de un año a otro

Mis mejores deseos por unas felices vaciones

Hi Beatriz,

Gibbon has a rollover tool, which helps you move from one school year to the next. This can be found in User Admin > Rollover. Before running the rollover, be sure your Roll Groups for the upcoming year are setup in School Admin > Manage Roll Groups by clicking Copy All To Next Year and then editing them from there. When you run the rollover, it will enrol any student you select a new Roll Group for, and any students not selected will be set as Left. Be sure to backup your database first before rolling over. Here are the docs with some more info about the rollover process:

Hope this helps!

Mil gracias Sandra

Felices vacaciones!!! :slight_smile:

Dear Sandra, I have one question , the last year left students mark is are not available in the previous year after rollover I do not why?

Hi endale, the above post is a duplicate of this one. We’ve answered that post, and so will not answer here. In future, please do post only only, as duplicates slow us down and confuse other visitors. Thanks : )