Hello Everyone.
I have gibbon installed with 2 languages which is required by our school one is english and the other is Polish.
in the calendar in Polish language the date is not as dd/mm/yyyy but in…
Now is there a way we can use the english calendar style instead of the Polish but within the Polish language if you know what i mean. Because the format is not good in the foreign language and therefore we get lot’s of errors.
Here is an example:

Although here show dd/mm/yyyy but look at the issue no year…


According to table gibboni18n polish language is using dd/mm/yyyy and not

You have pages where the date is showing in Where? Can you share a screenshot?

Gibbon shouldn’t display dates in various formats unless you change the language. Let me know if you see this and where.

What version of Gibbon are you using?

Hi. Im using the latest v18 i will see where the dot are and post a pic.

This is what i mean

You are right. I was able to reproduce this.

Looks like a bug to me since it shouldn’t behave that way according to table gibboni18n polish language.


Hi David and Roman,

Yep, it was a bug of sorts. It looks like the problem was two-fold: Gibbon was passing the locale to the DatePicker utility, and that utility was using its own built-in formats for dates (which happened to be for Polish). Then there was an error in the regex validation for the Polish dates, which was causing even dd/mm/yyyy formatted dates to fail.

I’ve fixed both of these in the following commits for v19, which you can apply back to your version of Gibbon by updating the lines of code and running the single SQL command.

Thanks for catching this! Hope this fix helps.

Ah shoot, looks like the updater needs extra slashes, this is the correct code for the updater:

However if you’re running it through something like phpMyAdmin, there’s only two slashes on the decimal pattern:

`UPDATE `gibboni18n` SET `dateFormatRegEx` = '/^(0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])[- /.](0[1-9]|1[012])[- /.](19|20)\\\\d\\\\d$/i' WHERE gibboni18n.code = 'pl_PL';`

thank you. your help is appreciatted