Calendar support

Hi Ross,

To have support for personal and general school calendars seems like a useful addition to Gibbon. However, we are also considering opensource solutions, e.g. nextcloud instead of relying on a proprietary solution like GSuite/Google calendar.

The integration of a calendar solution remains vague for me. Integration in what sense? Is it just that upon login in becomes available or does it fully integrate, e.g. in the Gibbon timetable and dashboard?

Is it possible to share a few screenshots so I can get a better picture on how this works and how it can improve things for us?

Kind regards,

Hi Roman,

I am very (very) new here, and have come to the same question.

My needs are slightly different and I need a ‘School Calendar’ with dates such as events, field trips, graduation etc. I also need to have parents select days they are available for certain events, so I am looking at individual user calendars that can be overlaid on the official school calendar.

I really like webCalendar, and it too is php based. Has anyone else pondered the idea of integrating this with Gibbon?

Regards, Dave

Hi Dave,

I’m glad that finally somebody is showing some love for my question :slight_smile:

Currently I have not had a request for individual’s calendars but it will likely just be a matter of time for this to come.

To publish the school calendar is a request I have on the table for quite a while tho. I was thinking of some kind of notification system based on those entries.

I’ll have a closer look at webCalendar. Thanks!

Kind regards,