Cache Manager

Hello again, Gibbon!

I have the following error message in my cache manager.

I have done all I can think of to fix it, but it hasn’t changed. I reset the uploads/cache directory (my cache path) to chmod 755, then did that recursively for existing files in the directory. Is there something I’m missing?

Thanks for whatever guidance you can offer!

As I continued to work on fixing this, I discovered in my system check that Gibbon shows my entire Uploads folder not server writable. When I checked permissions on the server, though, it shows that the folder is properly managed.

Hi Kevin, this is odd. If things seem to be working as expected then you may be safe to ignore this message. Otherwise, if you have group permissions setup rather than just owner permission, then 775 rather than 755 may help as well.

I tried chmod 775 and 755 on the entire uploads directory (recursively), and no change to the error message. Everything seems to be working fine, though; I will continue to ignore the message unless you discover some other trick to try.

Thanks, Sandra!