Bulk add house points

We just had our Swimming carnival and we are looking at using the house points module this year. It seems that I can only add 1-10 points at a time, is there a way to add the total final score of each house?

Hi CafSentryGnome,

Our school started using the house points module recently too and had some similar requirements. I ended up making a fork of the module to add additional tools for categorizing points, permissions for adding unlimited points, and preset points increments. With this, you can give certain roles the ability to add any number of points, and then other roles can only chose from predefined increments of points.

The forked module can be found here: https://github.com/SKuipers/gibbon-house-points/releases/tag/v1.3.01
It’s open source, hopefully @andystat doesn’t mind me sharing a modified version of the module :wink:

I wonder if Andy would be interested in rolling these changes back into his module?

I’d be happy to share it, or help him setup a repo and PR changes to it :smiley:

Hi Sandra,

It seems again our school’s requirements are the same haha. Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Worked good, thanks.