Bug Found with Formal Assessment>write internal assessment>add multiple columns

Hi ,
There is a bug in internal assessment
Assess>Formal Assessment>write internal assessment>add multiple columns
When we add one column it automatically add 5 or six duplicate columns with same name .

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Hi Ghulam,

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with this. I’ve tried to recreate the issue in v21 (dev), and have also recently done this in v20. In neither case could I recreate the issue you are having.

Please can you confirm the Gibbon version you are using?



I have seen the same problem. I’m on v20.0.00

@ghulamabbas92 did you fix this bug?

I’m having the same problem here is a screen shot:

No It is not yet fixed

Such bugs are hard to fix when we cannot recreate them, but we are happy to keep trying. Can you confirm that you are now working with Gibbon v21? Also, can you let us know the operating system, PHP and MySQL versions that you are using? Thanks! Ross.

Hi Ross,

I can confirm we are still on V20 of Gibbon ( I believe the issue has been reported also on V21 by @ghulamabbas92.

We are currently running on:

PHP 7.2.34
Mysql: 5.7.33 (utf8_general_ci)
Server OS: CENTOS 7.9 x86 64 kvm [server] v92.0.9

Btw Column creation for markbook works fine.

Hi Ross and @ghulamabbas92

I think I have found the issue and bug. So I was trying to add multiple columns while having both admin and teacher roles. When I went into the screen my class code was highlighted (in light grey by default ) so I assumed my class was selected and I tried to create the column. This created multiple columns with the same name.

However when I actually went back selected my class explicitly (highlighted in blue) and then created the column only one column is created.

I hope this can be fixed as it will create confusion.


Good day. I also experience this. Could this be because the courses are assigned to multiple year groups? I assigned a course to all the year groups because I thought this will allow a student to re-take a failed course on the next semester, or the next year, or when a course became available. May I ask how the other installations have accommodated for a course to be available to students of any year group? I just started tinkering with Gibbon so I’m sure I’m just not seeing things clearly.

My setup is Gibbon v21.0.01, Ubuntu Linux 20.04, PHP 7.4.3, Mariadb 10.3, and the school is college level.

Sorry guys please disregard my post. I did what rmakhan mentioned to do (explicitly click the course) and only one column was created.


Although selecting one class explicitly will crate one column I did find that when I tried selecting all class and create columns against them then again multiple columns were created. So the problem does persist and needs to be fixed.

I have over 244 classes for which I need to set up at least 4 columns each for end of term assessments. Doing this one class time would be very tedious and prone to error. So it would help greatly if you could reproduce the problem and then fix it please.

Hi all,

I’ve looked into the issue and there was indeed a bug. As richardg suspected, it was related to having a course that was part of multiple year groups, which caused the same course to be initially selected multiple times (unless the selection was manually changed).

I’ve applied a fix for this issue to the v22 development branch, which you can see here: https://github.com/GibbonEdu/core/commit/ec1cb38205222ac78f9bd716bb14a4ce928e6a89 You can apply this fix to your system by updating your internalAssessment_manage_addProcess.php file to the one included here, or by applying the same changes to the code.