Blank white screen appears when trying to add markbook column from lesson planner

I have 3 teachers, out of about 30, currently experiencing the same problem when using the lesson planner. They fill out their lesson plan, add homework, and check the box to create a markbook column. When they click submit, only a blank white page appears. The lesson plan is saved to the system, but there is never the option to edit the markbook column. I have been unable to replicate this problem on my computer. I changed Gibbon permissions, Chrome settings, firewall settings, etc., but cannot seem to find why only these three teachers are having a problem. It leads me to believe that it is either a browser or OS issue. It has occurred on both Windows and Apple PCs.

Has anyone else experienced the blank white page? If so, is there a way to troubleshoot it? I would post a screenshot, but it is just a blank white page. Not much to see. I have logged in as a teacher with the issue on my machine and did not have the same problem. That same teacher has the problem on both her Windows desktop and Apple iPad. Any assistance is much appreciated. It is a nice feature these teachers definitely want to access. Thank you in advance for any help.

Hello ChrisT,

I have seen this issue on at least one of my teachers laptops. Could you share the version of the OSs and browsers involved? If we can narrow it down to a reproducible problem we could post a bug report on github.

Thank you,


Hi ChrisT,

To add to FV’s answer, checking your PHP logs would be good. A blank screen often suggests a PHP error, in this case, after data has been saved.

It is odd that it is intermittent, which suggests a client-side issue (hence FV asked about browsers and OS), but it could be server-side (hence my question about logs).



As a note, you can find the location of your PHP logs at the top of System Admin > Server Info

Thank you for the responses! I’m waiting on OS and browser info and access to the server files at the moment. I’ll get that information posted as soon as I can gather it. Thanks again!