Behaviour Permission not working

Dear Support Team,

I can not change Behaviour permission, please check video.

Video Link:

Hi vishalr, thanks for the heads up. Strangely, it’s not actually an error in the permissions, but appears to be a bug in that those checkboxes are meant to be disabled and greyed out, but aren’t. The permission system intentionally prevents giving permissions to user roles, such as in your video, giving all students access to manage all other students behaviour records would be a very bad thing. So, these permissions should be greyed out. The system is still, correctly, not allowing those permissions to be set, which is why the appear to not save. I will look into the bug where they should be disabled and greyed out in the first place, as this should be how it works but has strangely seem to have stopped working.

Following up, I’ve fixed the bug in v26, which was related to this page using a deprecated function but us unfortunately not catching this in testing. The fix should be pretty easy to apply to your system. If you’d like to make this change, check out the following commit: User Admin: fix disallowed permissions not showing as disabled in Man… · GibbonEdu/core@f925e24 · GitHub