Automatically Salary expense request (Concept)

Hello Mr Ross,

I notice that I can enter Salary amount in staff contract,
I hope if you can make a feature to automatically generate salary expense request (monthly or weekly,etc) (with chosen start date of generation) and send it automatically to the administration,then I can approved and choose budget to paid it.

Luai, this feature is really beyond what we can offer at the moment due to our current focus on changes for v13. As Gibbon is open source, you are free to try and build such features, or hire a programmer to do so, and we welcome the submission of such changes back into the Gibbon core. If this is not possible, get back to us in 6 months, and we will see what we can do.


Sound interesting, I will do my best hopefully I will be able to find programmer who will do this change in the near futureā€¦
Thanks for making gibbon open source, this Really will help the community to grow faster.

Have a great day Mr ross