Attendance Report

Hi @ross @rossdotparker @admin

I would like to ask.
How can I pull attendance data from different terms?

This was how it shows it should turn out for the attendance

But this was how it actually turned out

I didn’t find any where that I can change where I pull the data from

Please help with this asap.


Hi Marcus,

At the moment this is not possible. However, with Gibbon being open source, it is something that you could look at building, or having built for you. If this does happen, you could contribute it back to the Gibbon core, which is always most appreciated!

The data comes from /modules/Reports/src/sources/Attendance.php

If you’d like, we can quote through to have this work done.



Hello, to add to this reply, yes it should be possible by default, using the templates you’ve shown. The important step is to setup all your Reporting Cycles in advance, using the cycle number/total cycles to tell the reports templates how many you have and what the dates are. Even if you don’t setup any other parts of the reporting cycles until you need them, this will let the templates separate out the attendance by date.

The reason these do not default to the School Year Terms is that many schools have either more or less reporting cycles, and the dates aren’t always the same as the term dates. Hope this helps!