Attendance Per Class

Is there a possibility of taking attendance per class?

Not yet in v12, but it’s in development for v13 and should be added to the development branch in the next couple weeks. Our school needed the same capability so I’ve been working on this and some more attendance reporting tools.

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

Thanks @skuipers . This is a much needed capability.

hi, is it possible to see class attendance for one term in a list?

@skuipers, can you comment if this will be in the work you have in the pipeline?

Yep, there’s some new reporting options which should cover what you’re looking for, including a summary of student attendance for a time period (by class or homeroom). I should have the attendance changes pushed to the v13 branch sometime this week, we’re already testing them on our school’s live system.

great, thanks for your work

Hi Sandra, I already installed V13.0.0.2, where do I go to check attendace by term?

Hi Adolfo, the Attendance Summary by Date page should let you lookup attendance numbers for a given range of time (set at the top of the page).

Hope this helps!