Attendance on V22


We are school in Bali - Indonesia, and we just updated Gibbon to version 22.

I would like to know the number inside the grey circle that showing on student’s daily attendance.
What that number represent to?
I try to figure it out, by checking the student daily attendance but nothing I can think of.
I have included here two images for your references
First image for example it has 3 in the grey circle but it has 4 times attendance has been taken and first I thought it must be something to do with the total absence and present late but on the second image it has 6 but the total 6 is the number of how many student is present in each period that day.

Thank you so much for your advice…

Hello! The number inside the grey circle tells you the number of times a student has been set to any status that is not Present. I hope this clears things up!

thankyou hmerret… but on the second image you can see it has 6 but the details showing this students has 6 Present and 1 Absent. This is why I get confuse…

@ross please can you add some clarity here? I want to say that the number in the circle is the number of records that different from the final status…is this correct? Thanks!

Yes, the number highlights discrepancies, so its easier to see attendance patterns that do not match the expected attendance for that day. If the student is marked as Present for a day, it highlights any absences and partial attendance, and if a student is marked at Absent for a day, it highlights and present and partial attendance. This makes it easier to see at a glance days that have abnormalities in the attendance.

For your case with the 6, this highlights something that may be useful to look into: was the student present the whole day, and left half way through the final class? (since it is marked twice). In this case, the Left - Early attendance code might be a better fit, rather than the teacher marking the student as absent.