Attendance not coming up in reports

I am asking on behalf of Stepping Stone school in Tanzania (Tim Shepard was at BIS GZ). I am helping with his first reports and using the core attendance asset it is not showing any data for absent or late. in the Inspect the array is empty and I have looked at all the obvious things and cant figure it out. Attendance by form group is correctly setup ie set to reportable and is being used and I can see the attendance record for each child in Attendance module. the rest of the report data is working ie subjects, homeroom comments etc. i dont have sever access

Hi Brian, there was an issue with report attendance that it would not show up until a Go Live date had been set on the Report, as it was using that date to determine the cutoff for which attendance records to include in the report. It has since been fixed for the upcoming version of Gibbon, but I would suggest trying to set a Go Live date well in the future to see if this solves the issue.