Attendance By Class - "Exceptions" in Class lists not working


We are using “Class list Exceptions” when some students have to go to, say, Additional English once a week during their main Class time (e.g. Biology).

As both Biology and EAL teachers record “Attendance by Class” - students added to “Exceptions” for Biology for a specific day/period/class are still visible to both of them.

Should the query that selects students for a specific Date/Class omit students marked with “Exceptions”…?

Thank you for all the work and support you serve!

Yep, good catch, it probably should. Likely an oversight on my part, I don’t think I’ve used the exceptions yet. Should be able to fix that.

Sandra, thank you for quick attention to this!
Just tried your fix, get an error: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘gibbonperson.image_240’ in ‘field list’

Thanks! looks like a case-sensitive issue that my dev environment didn’t catch, I’ve pushed the fix to the PR.

Are you running v14? Otherwise there’s some context-related changes in that script that aren’t backwards compatible to v13, so if you’re using v13 maybe just update the one query (as highlighted in the PR) rather than the whole file.

you are right,
our production is v13 and I got “SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘context’ in ‘where clause’”

I’ve copied over just SQL with parameters - the form functions without errors, but “Exception” students are still included in the Attendance by Class grid.

If we should wait for v14 and not bother with fixing this in v13 - we can.

Hi Victor,

It worked in my test cases, but I took another look over the query and realized the aggregation was possibly just matching the first item in a set and not the whole joined table. I’ve updated the query and done some more testing and it works on this end. If you’re able to update it in your script and test, it would be great to know it’s working for you as well before the PR gets merged into v14.


Sandra, thanks for the fix…merged it before I read this!

Victor, please let us know if it works for you: you can test it in the latest v14 branch commit.

Tested, works properly in v13

Only copied the updated SQL with parameters into our attendance_take_byCourseClass.php

Happy and grateful!