Attendace by Form Group

Once a teacher goes to People > Attendace > Attendance by Form, that teacher must be restricted to choose only between his/her form group or the sections he/she teaches lessons. Why teachers can see all list of form groups?, is there an option to disable other forms groups not related with that teacher?

Adolfo, we are constantly faced with cases of teachers who cover for other teachers (due to illness) and so we have always used it in this way with no issues. It just gives us the flexibility to deal with unexpected situations.

However, if someone take’s attendance for someone else’s class, their name is logged and visible as the attendance taker, so there is transparency and accountability in case of issues.

Does this help, or is this a must for you?


Hmmmm, seems to be you are right Ross, I understand your point, however just in case my school requieres to disable other form groups not related with a teacher?, what should I do?

Adolfo, this is a useful feature to have so I have implemented it in the v14 development branch. It is not backwards compatible with v13, but you can see the changes at:

Once we release v14 you can use it. It is off by default, but you can disable Attendance By Roll Group_all for teachers, and enable Attendance By Roll Group_myGroups instead.

@skuipers you’ll see in doing this I picked up a little issue in the attendance landing page, as there was an equivalent issue on the form group attendance page. Can’t see it anywhere else. Can you look and see if the fix makes sense to you?



Looks good :+1: