Assigning Student ID Automatically

How can we make Gibbon to automatically assign Student ID/Enrollment/Registration number to a student when the student registers or enrolls into the school (through the online application form) or when the student is created by the admin so that the student have their own unique number?
Also, during bulk import of the students into Gibbon, how can we set the system to automatically assign the students unique student ID numbers?
Also, how can teaching and non teachers be given a unique staff ID and how can this be automatically assigned to them by Gibbon?



At the moment this is not possible, and I am being cautious in terms of offering to add more to the v14 todo list, which is already quite busy (not even counting some behind-the-scenes work we need to do on the code base).

Can I suggest that you look at generating the IDs in Excel, and importing them, perhaps using the Data Admin module available on our Extend page?

In terms of a staff ID, one option is to use a Custom Field, which you can find under Admin > User Admin the main menu followed by Manage User Custom Fields in the module menu.