Assign New Public Registration Notification to Other User Roles aside from Administrator

Hi, I know we can set the email where the system can send new public registrations at the system admin > system settings. However, I’d like to add another email to which notifications for new public registration can also be sent. I have tried to navigate using the administrator account at system admin > notifications settings, but unfortunately I couldnt find the “add” button under the edit subscribers section.The add button is present at other notification settings.

What is says is that “Manage Users” under Permission Required. So I navigated to User Admin > Manage Permissions and tried to find it at the Module User Admin permissions but al i can find were:

Manage User Settings
Manage Users_edit
Manage Users_editDelete

I have already checked them for the said account i wanted to add to the notification. But, still I couldnt add at the edit subscriber at the system admin > notification settings for new public registration.

Hi betasystem101,

Well caught. This was something we’ve fixed for v19, because initially Notification Events didn’t take grouped actions into account, and in this particular case the grouped actions were introduced after the notification event was created. This is the code where it has been fixed:

In your system, a quick way to solve this would be to edit the gibbonNotificationEvent table via a tool like phpMyAdmin, and change the required permission field for this event to “Manage Users_editDelete”

Hope this helps!