Are Markbook column names unique for term or for year?

I have set Group Columns by Term to Yes. Now are column names unique for the term or year? After importing columns for the current term, I changed just the Date Added column to a date in the next term and the newly imported columns appeared in the next term. But all the columns were overwritten. I take it the column names are unique for the school year? Thanks

Hi Tieku, the column names are not unique for the current year or term. However, the importer does use the column name to locate the column, in which case you will run into issues with columns with the same names. A loophole exists it seems. Cheers, Ross.

This would mean, even though the same classes+columns are repeated each term, I have to be careful to give them a different name each term when importing anew e.g. T1.Lesson1, T2.Lesson1, T3.Lesson1 or something

It’s good practice to make them unique as you are suggesting. It’s not a must tho because you are assigning a term and can therefore easily filter them. :slight_smile:

Yes but I just did an import to a different term based on the Date Added field, and it overwrote/updated all the entries from the previous term with columns with the same name. Ooops!

Hi Tieku, ah yes, I can see how this would be problematic. We’ll keep this in mind for future development, but I think for now you’ll have to keep that one in mind as a situation to try and avoid!

Fortunately I have a backup to go back to. Thanks