Application Form


Can I make changes in the application form after the application is accepted.

Actually, in my system by mistake I have entered parent 1 as father & parent 2 as mother. I want to modify this.



After it is accepted, changes to the form have no effect, as the accounts are already created. However, you can edit the users produced by the application acceptance process under Admin > User Admin. In this case you can go to Manage Families, and then change the contact priorities of the parents.


Thank you Ross, this is also helpful to me. Though I will like to know how to replace/edit some fields on the Application form

Diepiriye, at the moment in v10 you cannot edit or replace fields in the Application Form. However, in v11, there will be the ability to add custom forms to the application form, which might help you out.


PS, if you want to test these, download the v11 branch, and look under Admin > User Admin in the main menu and then Manage User Custom Fields in the module menu.

thank you Ross, I will download the V11 and try it out.

Please, Ross where will I get the v11 Branch to download. If you will please give me the linkā€¦

I have seen it at the GitHub, thanks

Ross, I am having login access problems after uploading the V11 files, I did password reset, thinking it will help the situation, but still stuck on it

Diepiriye, hmmm, that sounds bad. Was this a clean install of v11 dev code, or an update of v10? If it was an update of v10, was v10 in Cutting Edge mode, or Stable mode?

the update was on v10 , v10 to v11 though am not sure of the mode, whether it was cutting Edge mode or Statble mode

Diepiriye, OK, I am guessing you were running the stable code, and, as v11 is yet to be released, you have layered the dev code on top, and that has caused issues. Can you confirm the value of your Cutting Edge Code field in Admin > Sytem Admin, letting me know if it is set to Yes or No.

I am really hoping you followed the update instructions and backed up your code and (more importantly) your database before updating.

Cutting Edge Code field in Admin system was set to NO

but I did not backup the database before the upload

OK, if you are running stable code (e.g. Cutting Edge=no), then you should not upgrade to dev code: wait until the next stable release (in this case v11 on 20/01/2016). In this case I recommend you download v10 afresh, and put it together with your database backup (GOOD WORK FOR BACKING UP : ), and then keep it running until v11 comes out.

You can always do a separate, cutting edge, install of v11 dev code to test the new features so you are ready to use them in production in January.

Good luck!