Another usage case question

Hello everyone!

I hope you don’t mind another usage/suitability question.

I’m an English teacher for adults who mostly teaches online. I’ll be forming a company with a couple more teachers and would like a SIS to help keep track of students progress, attendance, etc for billing.

Although Gibbon was written for children’s schools, can it be adapted for something a lot more simple? I don’t really need to track parents info, for example (my students are already parents!), or need to have Form Groups. The applications will be done by the teachers, not the students and the forms can be vastly simplified.

Is all this possible with Gibbon?

Thank you!

I sort of answered my own question by going through the documentation and training day videos. I have answered my question but still have some niggling issues which I will ask on the appropriate forum.

Thank you!

Hi auricle, welcome to the Gibbon community, great to hear you’re getting into the docs and videos and getting up and running. Feel free to give a shout in a new thread if you have specific questions to ask, and be sure to search the forums if any of those questions might have been answered already. Gibbon is quite flexible, like it’s namesake animal, so I know there are a number of schools and organizations that have adapted it to suit their needs.