Another Account

Hi Ross,

Our current library volunteer was going to post some things on here and we have created an account for her. The user name is LibraryVolunteer but when we log into this site, there is no option for her to create a “new discussion”. I’ve looked everywhere, but that link is not there for her.

Is the account different or not activated?



To keep a lid on spam on the forum, you now need to verify email before you can post. After signing up you should get an email like this:

Hello [username]!

You have successfully registered for an account at Gibbon Support Forum. Here is your information:

  Username: [username]

  Email: [email]

You can access the site at

You need to confirm your email address before you can continue. Please
confirm your email address by clicking on the following link: [confirmLink]

Have a great day!

Please can you check your spam to see if you received this email. If not, please can you delete the account, and try to sign up again. I just ran through the whole process, and it seems to be working for me.

Let us know how you go.

Damn spammers!


When I go to ask forum, logged in as library volunteer, I can see a pop up box that says you need to verify account and click here to resend email. 

I have now done that several times. No verification email is coming through. 

I have refreshed and checked spam folder but nothing there. (and double checked that the email is spelt correctly) 

I can’t create a new account as I need to use the email address and the forum recognises it as already in use. 

I thought I would try deleting account and rejoining, but cannot find an option on the forum to delete the account. Do you have any other suggestions for me?



Very odd. I have now manually verified the email, so you should be able to add content with that account.



Thanks Ross. Working now :slight_smile: