American system support

Hello Guys,
I am a bit new here and was wondering is there a way to configure the platform for an American school (using the American system in grading and so) plus adding the SAT and MAP external exams instead of the British.
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Hello, and welcome to the community. What you see in Gibbon may appear to be UK-centric, but actually a lot of the basic structures come from ICHK, which is an international school, not overly-affiliated with the UK National Curriculum…that said, Hong Kong has quite a strong UK tradition in terms of education.

At every step of the design, we’ve aimed to make things as flexible as possible. So, for example, you can can go to Admin > School Admin > Manage Grade Scales and set up the grading levels that you want to use. You can then go to Manage External Assessments to add SAT, MAP and other assessments. Setting the language to en_US should mean that the nomenclature is more US-centric, however, you can always head to Admin > System Admin > Manage String Replacements to set up custom string replacement to get just the language that you would like.

Hopefully this helps, but please let us know if you have any further questions.



Thank you for your reply.