After Rollover: Graduates to New Gibbon Installation

Hello Gibbon community,

After a successful rollover we have separate Gibbon installation for Primary School and Secondary School assuming there’s 100% student transition what is the best process of moving that data labelled “Graduate” to the next level:

  1. Fresh enroll by using registration form (which I bet all information is in the Gibbon System as left/Graduated)
  2. Query the data and import to the next level Gibbon installation

Or how does ICHK perform this kind of transition or just other schools with this kind of setup?

Thank you for assistance about this.

Hi Kelvin,

Good question. At ICHK, our primary and secondary are separate campuses, and while Primary does get preference when applying, it’s not guaranteed (it’s more complex than that, but thats the short version). So, parents still use the application form when moving from Primary to Secondary, and this is also a good way to ensure all of the address and finance data is up to date when moving into the new school.

The application form is more ideal than an import, because student records are complex and link to enrolments, families, family adults, etc., so there’d be a multi-step import process (do-able, but not quick).

Thank you for the response, and from your answer it seems the do-able but not quick, seems like the fresh import process of step-by-step; users (child , adult and linked relationship) …oohh my! I’ll be like going back to setting up Gibbon.

Okay, I thought you have a hidden automation short process for multiple Gibbon :confused:

I will do that process probably I’ll just need a master list of all graduates(form group + grade ) and try massage for imports.

Thank You @ross

One quick question: I think of combining the master list in query builder and the left students to produce the master list of all graduates, is this doable?

I will be trying to achieve this before your response.

Thank you again.

Hi Kelvin, the following file may help, it’s an import definition for an application form, which you could unzip and place in an uploads/imports folder and the Import From File should detect it as a custom import. I’ve dug it up from another project, but if it works I may see about adding it to the core.

It may help your workflow, in that you could format your exported data to match what you need for the application form import, then it’s just one import to add these, and then accept the applications to create and connect all the other necessary records.

Hope it helps!

This is a life saver @ross it makes the flow a little bit smooth and fast.
Thank you! a big save here.

we really appreciate!

Hi Kelvin & Sandra, I’ve taken Sandra’ excellent import and adjusted it a little for v22, where it is not included. Thanks : )