Admissions Adjustments

Greetings Gibbon Team!

Is there a way for me to change or remove the blue banner on the Admissions Welcome page?

I’ve looked everywhere I can think of and am not seeing any options.

I’m building enrollment forms (in the new form builder) specifically designed for returning students that will not create new user accounts. I would like to customize the guidance in that banner in case some students or families find it easier to complete their application without logging into Gibbon.


Hi Kevin, you can use the String Replacement feature in System Admin to make changes to this string. Since this string contains placeholders (the ICYM), below is the full original string you can use in String Replacement. You can also use the Partial option to replace part of the string.

`If you already have an account for {organisation} {systemName}, please log in now to prevent creation of duplicate data about you! Once logged in, you can find the form under {linkName} in the main menu.`

That worked great, Sandra! I got the first part replaced with our own message using string replacement.

Unfortunately, the Original String field seems to have a character limit, so I wasn’t able to fit the final sentence (If you do not have an account for {organisation} {systemName}, please use the form below.) into my string.

I tried using that sentence as a second string to replace (with a few different settings), but I had no luck getting it replaced. Given that the final sentence doesn’t fit with my organization’s message, it doesn’t quite work yet.

Thanks for troubleshooting this!

I have the same problem replacing the second part of the string. I’ve tried the same in other strings and it works. Could it have something to do with the fact that there are some placeholders there? (although they are the same shown in the first part of the paragraph)

Thanks, please check out my reply here and be sure to use the following string for this case:

`If you do not have an account for %1$s %2$s, please use the form below.`