Admin Password Reset - No Password Field in SQL

Like others before me, I’ve made some error in the admin password and have been attempting to force a reset through sql. I’ve kicked my fail count back down to 0, but when attempting to force an update I’m unable to actually reset the password because the password field doesn’t exist, only passwordStrong and passwordStrongSalt.

I’ve checked past posts which suggest using UPDATE gibbonPerson SET password=md5(‘newPassword’), passwordStrong=‘’, passwordStrongSalt=‘’ WHERE gibbonPersonID=1;` but the problem lies in that there is no ‘password’ field.

I’m currently running 24.0.00, hosted locally while I’m still learning and before we do a school-wide rollout.

Any suggestions?

Hi cSanders. The md5 based password field was deprecated in past versions of Gibbon and has finally been removed in recent versions, in favour of the more secure SHA2-based passwordStrong and passwordStrongSalt fields. Please try the SQL code below for manually resetting the admin password (be sure to change the gibbonPersonID when changing other user’s passwords):

UPDATE gibbonPerson SET passwordStrong=SHA2(CONCAT(@salt:=SUBSTRING(MD5(RAND()), 1, 22), “yourNewPassword”), 256), passwordStrongSalt=@salt WHERE gibbonPerson.gibbonPersonID=1;`