Addition formular in a table

Is it possible to have a formula in the tables you insert in expenses? Kinda like basic formulars in MS Word since already there are many formatting functions


This is a nice idea, and a quick search shows that there are some plugins that look like they might do this. My fear in loading such plugins into tinyMCE is how much they might slow things down, especially on older machines.

Do you have the technical ability to test some of the available tinyMCE plugins to see if one meets your needs?



Thanks Ross,

Yes I can test. Am trying to figure out how to install the plugin.


Hi Ross,

I found an addon at which enables one to add a formular.
Can you please guide on how to add this go gibbon?


Bruce, you could test this out by placing the code in the correct spot in /lib/tinymce and then editing index.php on line 268 (v14) to load the plugin. Keep in mind this would just be a test…and would be overwritten next time you upgrade Gibbon. Let us know how the test goes.