Adding User (Teacher) and assigning in a Department

I have added a user as a Teacher. When I add the department I am unable to select the teacher from the drop down list of staff in the department settings. This only has my admin user visible.
Am I missing a step to allow teacher users to be added to departments?
Thank you for your time in replying.

David, good question indeed! Giving someone a staff role (such as Teacher or Support Staff) is a step in the right direction, but you also need to register them as a member of staff. You can do this under People > Staff > Manage Staff. Once this is done, they will show up in lists in various places, such as in Manage Departments. Good luck! Ross.

Ross, Thank you for the little step that I was missing. Great job and starting to like the system as I progress through setting this up and understanding the formalities! :slight_smile:

NP, and thanks for your kind words. There are many ways to skin a cat, and Gibbon is just one of them. Hopefully as you get use to our nomenclature and ways of thinking, using the system becomes easier and easier.