Adding Subjects to Gibbon

I am setting up my school in gibbon, so far i managed to setup all the basic things, but there is no way i am getting to put subjects in. Its kind of confusing for me. Initially I thought its the “department” but its getting more confusing :slight_smile: (pardon me if this issue has been discussed / documented already, but trust me i searched a lot, couldn’t find).

Jut a separate note… wouldn’t it be wise to use the convenient terms? like Classes (or grades), Sections, Subjects etc.?

Hi Sam,

Some of Gibbon’s complexity comes down to its flexibility: to try and build software that works for many different kinds of schools requires a lot of options and overlaps. In addition, the naming system we use is different to that which you use…because around the world different schools use many different naming conventions! If you want, you can head to Admin > System Admin > String Replacements to change our terms to your terms.

In terms of adding subjects, Gibbon deals with these as courses and classes, which you can find under Admin > Timetable Admin > Manage Courses & Classes.

Gibbon’s learning curve is steep…but we think it is worth it!