Adding students to Roll groups

AT this time I am having an issue of not being able to add students to Roll Groups, I have uploaded students to the system and I can see them generally, but I cannot seem to add them to the particular Roll Groups although the Roll Groups are already created. i need help

Hi icttech. Students can be added to roll groups when enroling them in the current school year. You can find this option in Students > Student Enrolment. From there click Add to create a student enrolment. Once enroled you’ll see the student can then show up in the Fast Finder search, and can also be enroled in classes through Timetable Admin.

A student without an enrolment is generally considered inactive by the system, they’ll still have a User account but generally won’t show up in lists or attendance pages (unless you click the All Students checkbox available in some searches).

Hope this helps! Give a shout with any other questions :smiley:

Hi Sandra, this is my first comment here, i am 2 weeks into using Gibbon and i got to say Thank you very much for all the team here for what you guys are doing.
My question is how to bulk add students to Roll groups, i already added all my students to Gibbon, and added them 1 by 1 to roll groups, but i removed the school year, and i lost all the roll groups i created, and i have to start from scratch.
any luck i can just multi select students to add them instead of going crazy adding one by one.
Thanks alot.

Hi, if any one comes across this, to bulk add students to role groups
i enabled the permission for students enrolment for my teachers on User Admin>Manage permissions, and asked each one to add his students, all i had to do is send them a video on how to do it, and it saved me so much effort.
Good luck

Hi Aziz, this is indeed a creative solution, and great to see that you trust your teachers.

if you look under Admin > System Admin > Import From File, you’ll see an import called Student Enrolment. This allows you to bulk create imports from a file.

In future years, you can use the Rollover (Admin > User Admin) to help automate this process. This is one part of Gibbon we have documented : )