Adding more teachers

In Brazil, we have class groups (turmas) with about 8 disciplines (Math, Portuguese, Science, Art, English, etc). Each of these fields is taught by different teachers, so we end up with 8 or more teacher for each group. Is there a way I can achieve this with Gibbon? I only saw a place on the group to enroll up to three people.
It it is not possible, then I suppose the system isn’t useful for me… which would be a pity, I was very excited learning how to set it up.

Hi dleocadio, the 3-teacher limit applies onto to roll/form groups, which are the basic gather spot for students in relation to their overall care in school.

However, if you go to Admin > Timetable Admin > Manage Courses & Classes, you’ll find a much more flexible system for creating groupings for different subjects, and these support unlimited teachers. This is what we use for grouping our students into different disciplines.

Hopefully this helps!